Thursday, October 30, 2008

HK again..

2 yr times never step in to HK liao.. it seem change a lots .... air polution serious than KL, many botak found the road, skinny girl all over.

this time i choose to stay in 3 star hotel cause father cover my room charges.. hoho... i think first world std room can separate into 2 room in HK. very pack... after put in luggage cant even walk. so our luggage is just put beside the toilet to let out some "space".....

3 day shopping trip in HK.

1st day----- after go " tai ping shan" direct back hotel rest. cause my trip uncle untie very tired.

2nd day----- go to " tai yu shan" but the cable car got problem so... go to shopping at tung chung mall shopping... esprit, adidas, nike, kiss,all branded is cheaper than malaysia...

3nd day------- go to eat dim sum, then shopping again. my aim is get wii this times.... wii buy with hkd2400. so convert back is RM1080. cheaper than malaysia much more.

4nd day----- final day.. sure shopping again. morning 11pm shop at mong kok H&M. then my untie da bao a " siew er" to me. so i have my luxury lunch at HK airport.

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eMmy LiM said...

walau, shopping, shopping n shopping....beh dong nia