Thursday, October 30, 2008

HK dim sum

shop name:小肥羊
location: 旺角
time :0930
dishes: 10++
tasty :80%

HK again..

2 yr times never step in to HK liao.. it seem change a lots .... air polution serious than KL, many botak found the road, skinny girl all over.

this time i choose to stay in 3 star hotel cause father cover my room charges.. hoho... i think first world std room can separate into 2 room in HK. very pack... after put in luggage cant even walk. so our luggage is just put beside the toilet to let out some "space".....

3 day shopping trip in HK.

1st day----- after go " tai ping shan" direct back hotel rest. cause my trip uncle untie very tired.

2nd day----- go to " tai yu shan" but the cable car got problem so... go to shopping at tung chung mall shopping... esprit, adidas, nike, kiss,all branded is cheaper than malaysia...

3nd day------- go to eat dim sum, then shopping again. my aim is get wii this times.... wii buy with hkd2400. so convert back is RM1080. cheaper than malaysia much more.

4nd day----- final day.. sure shopping again. morning 11pm shop at mong kok H&M. then my untie da bao a " siew er" to me. so i have my luxury lunch at HK airport.

Friday, August 22, 2008

cameron tea farm

just have a trip to cameron highland in august. we been there as usual, we will go to have stemboat, eat strawberry and visit some farm. long time i heard the beauty of BOH tea farm from my friend. Finally this time i have chance to go there. Before reach the tea farm i need to drive 10 to 15 mins along the hills. It is quite dangerous, cause there is only 1 way pass for in and out. So luckily my car follow behind the school bus, people will give way to bus pass by and i just follow.. haha..

Boh tea farm is really beauty and amazing. Its beauty canot really express in word. Feel so fresh and relax in there. It just like the heaven. it will be a good place to have short break.

after parking we walk 5 mins to the Boh tea center. we have afternoon tea there.. we some tea there. ice-lemon tea best taste among the all..

after this , we go to the pasar malam at brinchang. many food, flower and souvenier see there. corn selling in cheap price. RM10 can get 12pcs. however my mother already make order from his friend so we din take any. we try homemade ais-cream as well. tasty but a bit weird when we finish 1 cup there is a bit sweet and milky.

environment in cameron highland are so relaxing and cold. far away from air pollution. if i have money sure i will buy a condo there, and go to enjoy my life every saturday.

Thursday, April 17, 2008



3。老板总对我们有要求, 但加薪总是那么的少。。。。
4。我们总对自己满意 但不满的状况常出现在老板的眼里。